Jon Mease


I'm a problem-solver to the core with interest and experience across a range of technical domains, algorithm families, programming languages, data visualization techniques, and data science technologies.

I care deeply about the future of the open data science technology ecosystem, I’m a contributor to a variety of open source data science projects, and I was previously the Chief Scientist at Plotly.

Work Experience

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Data Scientist and Software Developer    August 2009 - present

Responsibilities include introducing and building Open Data Science competency within the group through research, development, training, and open source engagement.

Plotly Technologies

Chief Scientist    May 2020 - September 2021

Contributed to plotly's existing open source projects, including, plotly.js, and Dash. Lead the development of several new libraries including Jupyter Dash, Kaleido, and Dash HoloViews. Advised Plotly leadership on the strategic direction of plotly's open source portfolio.

Open Source Maintainer    August 2018 – April 2020

Open source maintainer and lead developer for, the Plotly Python data visualization library.

Anaconda, Inc.

Open Source Developer    June 2019 – February 2020

Contributed to Datashader, Panel, Holoviews, and developed spatialpandas.

Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Research Assistant    May 2008 – May 2009

Developed a haptic neurosurgical bone drilling simulator including the development of the graphical environment (using the OpenSceneGraph C++ toolkit) and the haptic rendering algorithms (using the OpenHaptics C++ toolkit for the Phantom Omni).

West Virginia University

WVNano REU Program Participant    June 2007 – July 2007

Collaborated with the Traveling Wave Electrophoresis research group, Department of Physics, West Virginia University. Performed computational analysis (using Mathematica and C++) of a proposed electrophoretic separation scheme.


Master of Science: Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Bachelor of Arts: Physics, Millersville University, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science: Mathematics, Millersville University, Pennsylvania


Mease, J. M. (2018). Bringing ipywidgets Support to Proceedings of the 17th Python in Science Conference.

Edwards, B. F., Timperman, A. T., Carroll, R. L., Jo, K., Mease, J. M., and Schiffbauer, J. E. (2009, February). Traveling-wave electrophoresis for microfluidic separations. Physical Review Letters (Vol.102, No.7).