Jon Mease

Simplify Big Data Visualization with Dash HoloViews

2020-12-16 – Plotly Webinar


With the release of Dash HoloViews, we are bridging the flexible data structure interface of HoloViews with the deployment scalability of Dash. Dash HoloViews makes it possible to build certain classes of interactive Dash applications without the need to manually define callbacks. This grants you the ability to automatically link selections across multiple plots and to display large datasets using Datashader. These can be implemented on top of pandas, Dask, or GPU accelerated cuDF DataFrames. This feature's creator and Plotly's Chief Scientist, Jon Mease, will be hosting a 1-hour webinar to demonstrate how to use Dash HoloViews to simplify Big Data interactive visualizations.

During this webinar and AMA, Jon will show you how to:

  • Automatically set up linked selections in Dash apps
  • Visualize Big Data in Dash apps with Datashader
  • Combine Datashader and cross filtering
  • Add Mapbox support with zero callbacks
  • Use GPU accelerated Datashader and linked selections with RAPIDS